The Death Of Alexis Crawford, Her Roommate Is Charged With Malice Murder

Update, November 10, 2019: The roommate of college student Alexis Crawford has been arrested on a murder chargeUSA Today reports.
Crawford’s roommate, Jordyn Jones, and her boyfriend, Barron Brantley, both face charges of malice murder, which involves “deliberate attempt,” according to USA Today, and is either punishable by death or a life sentencing.
Crawford’s cause of death was by asphyxiation, according to the medical examiner.
Fulton County Jail records indicate both Jones and Brantley are still in custody at time of publication.
This article was originally published on November 9, 2019.
Atlanta police officers have recovered the body of a college student, 21-year-old Alexis Crawford, who was missing since November 1. Police indicate that they are investigating her death as a murder, and intend to file charges against Crawford’s roommate, Jordyn Jones, and Jones’s boyfriend, Barron Brantley, who are both also 21. Fulton County Jail records indicate that Brantley was booked on Friday under suspicion of murder, NBC News reports.
Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields gave a press conference about the case on Friday, explaining that one of the suspects, though she did not say which, had led police to a Dekalb County park where Crawford’s body was found. She then issued a heartfelt message to Crawford’s family and the department.
A motive has not yet been established, but Crawford filed a complaint with Atlanta police against Brantley for “unwanted kissing and touching” on October 27, just days before she went missing. Police also referenced a “separate incident” that had led to Crawford refusing to sleep in her bed and sleeping only in her living room since filing her report, 11 Alive reports.
Jones initially reported to authorities that she went to the liquor store with Crawford on October 30 and woke up on October 31 to find Crawford missing along with her cell phone, ID card, and debit card, according to People. Family members indicated in her official missing persons report that it was unlike Crawford to not contact a family member at least once a day, though all contact ceased October 31.
Clark Atlanta University President Dr. George T. French Jr. released an official statement to students explaining that extra staff would be on hand for counseling, and urged students to be respectful of Crawford’s family both on and offline.
“For those who knew Alexis, and for our CAU family, the days ahead will be hard. Given the media attention that this story has already received, we anticipate a strong media presence on campus tonight and in the coming days. Please be respectful of the family with the information you share in person and on social media,” said French.

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