Dr. Horace Chang Honoured in Fine Style

Dr. Horace Chang Honoured – On Sunday, the 10th of November 2019 by Danny Galani  owner of Mainland China Restaurant and Landmark Plaza, Dr. Guna Muppuri; founder and chairman of Bioprist Group of Companies and Indies Pharmaceuticals and Lachu Ramchandani; OD, JP and owner of Blue Diamond shopping Centre, Ironshore Montego Bay, all three men hosted a Brunch at the Mainland China Restaurant  in honour of the Minister of National Security, The Honourable Dr. Horace Chang, on receiving the higher rank of The Order of Distinction; Commander of The Order of Distinction and celebrating another birthday.

The motto for The Order of Distinction vividly states, “Distinction through service” and this is applied and awarded to distinguished citizens of Jamaica and as expressed by the Minister of Tourism, The Honourable Edmund Bartlett, in his tribute, stated that Dr. Chang is “truly an outstanding statesman and leader of men”, he later on stated the he is also, “involved in a process to enrich Jamaica’s development”. Notably, the Minister Of National Security is one whom is best known to act in the best interest of the Jamaican citizens, which was concretized by the Custos Rotulorum of St. James, Bishop Conrad Pitkin, who stated that Dr. Chang is “…a true servant of the people and a committed person…”, which cements Dr. Chang’s position as the epitome of one who believes in service above self.

Dr. Horace Chang however, not only looks good through a speech but more so through his actions. For decades he has prided himself in providing assistance directly and indirectly to his constituency members and fellow Jamaicans, in whatever way he possibly can, tangible and intangible. This is illuminated through his roles and responsibilities, one of which is being placed as the Medical Officer of Health for Trelawny in 1977, where he along with a team of persons developed contemporary Public Health systems for Jamaicans, which includes; the instituting of Type 1, 2 and 3 clinics and the immunization of the youth in the parish of Trelawny. He then further improved the Squatters Settlements Programme by constructing infrastructure which includes but is not limited to: roads, the installation of electricity and introduction of water.

To delve deeper, Dr. Chang also displayed his functionality and service through the wastewater and water sectors by implementing the Jamaica Water Supply System Improvement Project(JWSIP) thus, pioneering the largest water supply improvement system, estimated at a cost of US$211 million. Through the Water supply improvement system it is a fact that Dr. Chang had a tunnel vision at providing 20 million gallons of water per day to the Kingston Metropolitan Area. He then invigorated water and sanitation projects in Kingston and St. Andrew at an estimated cost of US$37.76 Million, which aided areas such as Mona and Hope Treatment Plants.

Mahatma Gandhi states, “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members”, which is a statement that embodies the Minister’s actions to not just create a society from which the wealthy will benefit but also the less fortunate. This is interwoven in the 8 Rural Water Supply Projects allegedly worth JA$200 million which was said to have benefited residents from the following parishes: Clarendon, St. Catherine, St. James, Hanover and St. Mary.

Through Dr. Chang’s work it is beyond reproach that he is a true champion of the people, who puts the people first in all his undertakings, he is the de facto deputy Prime Minister of Jamaica and his award is well deserved due to the life changing improvements he has implemented in the Jamaican society.

The opulent celebratory event boasted a most elite guest list, among those present were Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck, President of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce – Ms. Janet Silvera, Chairman of TEF, Mr. Godfrey Dyer and  Custos of St. Ann, Mr. Norma Walters.

Among the mix in the invites were Mr Winston Finzi Real estate developer, Winston Adams and David Wan of UDC, Fred Smith of tropical tours, Mr Norman Brown J.P, Odette Dyer, Winston Dear, Denise Dear, Manoj Ramchandani JP of Dreams Auto, Christian Fray and Kristina Rose Marketing manager of Chukka Cove, to name a few.

By Chardonnae Parkins

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