Teenage Robbers Who Held Up and Robbed Teacher in Montego Bay, Taken Into Custody

Latest Jamaica News, Montego Bay (McKoy’s News): Two teenage boys, who held up and robbed a male school teacher of cash and other valuables, while he was walking at a section of Montego Bay, in St James, on Monday, August 5, was arrested and charged on Saturday September 7.

Both accused, a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old boy, have both been taken into custody and charged.

Reports by the police are that on the afternoon of August 5, the male teacher was walking in the vicinity of Cornaldi Avenue in Montego Bay, when he was held up and robbed by a group of boys armed with guns, knives and scissors.

On the weekend the teacher was walking along a section of downtown, when he saw the teenage boys and recognized them to be two of the armed robbers.

He pointed them out to two police officers who were on patrol in the area, and the accused were taken into custody.

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