Teenage relationships

Teenage Relationships

(Mckoys News)-Teenage relationshipsThe mutual joining of two people, that’s the way I see a relationship.  How do you see a relationship between two teenagers?

When one becomes a teenager, they tend to have a crush, this girl they like, or this boy they like, just to have someone they feel comfortable being around. For teenagers being in a relationship is fun, interesting and worthwhile, based on the personality of the one they feel attracted to, but relationships can also have its downfalls. What if the one you like doesn’t feel the same, how does it affect you, how does it make you feel about that individual?

For everything, there is a pro and a con, a good and a bad, a positive and a negative effect.

People think teenage relationships are immature, due to the fact that some teenagers only want to have sex with the other gender, this usually ends in one party getting hurt (emotionally), so it is immature to get into a relationship way above their heads.

If I should agree to something, I would agree a  relationship is important, because it can be helpful to both parties in many ways, if there is a family problem, school work, or other issues, they will have someone to rely on for support.

When a parent sees his or her child in a relationship, they might be scared, upset, and have a lot of things to say about it, because they once lived it, so sometimes they want to prevent their children from making the same mistakes they made when they were teens.

I think most parents have some fear of the day their child will start dating, to them it is the big sign that they’re growing up and are entering adulthood, the fear of losing their kids in the years to come.

So, what is the purpose of teenage relationships, how do you deal with it, and is it necessary to be in one?

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