Taxi Driver Killed Young Reggae Artist, Stabbed Him over J$100 Fare

Jamaica News, February 8, 2018 

St Andrew Jamaica (Mckoy’ s News) — Taxi Driver Killed Young Reggae Artist: the life of a young promising Reggae Artist who had plans to work overseas was cut short on Tuesday evening when a taxi driver plunged a knife into his chest; after the young man questioned him about the sudden fare hike that he imposed unregulated on the passengers.

According to sources, the 25-year-old man who goes by the stage name France Nooks was on his way to the Bob Marley birthday celebration on Hope Road, in the parish of St Andrew. He took a ‘Route Taxi’ to get him to the event, and a short argument allegedly developed between the murderous driver and himself.

Taxi Driver Killed Young Reggae Artist: before dying the artist said he asked the driver why did he decide to suddenly raise the fare [on that afternoon] from the customary J$100 to J$200. The artist told his Aunt before he died that he asked the driver why he did not tell him of the fare change before he entered the vehicle, then as soon as he started to place the extra $100 in the car for the driver, he felt a sharp pain in his chest.

Relatives of Nooks say he had just gotten a recording contract in Europe and was getting ready to create a music video. which the Europe company financed. He was to travel there soon to perform.

The young man took steps to live, he ran to the nearby Andrews Memorial Hospital in St Andrew with the stab wound to his chest, then contacted his relatives. His family members say the surgeon began working on him before he got into surgery.

He died while in surgery.

Taxi Driver Killed Young Reggae Artist: his aunts cannot come to terms with the knowledge that the young man who they describe as having good mannerism and hard-working is dead because of a J$100; which is not worth more than a candy in Jamaica.

His relatives have learned that the taxi drivers who plies that particular route hiked the fare when a ther is a major event in the area which brings in traffic, as the Bob Marley birthday celebration did.

His aunt said France was not aware of this “policy,” because if he did not have enough money for the fare he would have walked because he was very humble and had dignity.

Police investigators say they have not yet identified the killer.

His aunt is pleading with anyone who knows the killer driver to contact the police.

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