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Swallowfield Residents Powerline Scare Resolved

Jamaica News, April 4, 2018 – Swallowfield Residents Powerline Scare Resolved

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Following our report on Thursday, March 29, 2018 and consistent calls from the residents and the Member of Parliament Julian Robinson, a team from the Jamaica Public Service came to the rescue of residents of Old Henry Lane on March 31.

Since the March 3, 2018 earthquake, residents of Old Henry Lane in Swallowfield seemed to be living like a ‘round-the-clock soldier. A light post located at the intersection of two homes (as seen in the pictures) shows the post slightly ‘bowing’ forward.

On March 28, Residents got the scare of their lives when the post began to fall and sparks were seeing coming from the light wires on the post. As the sparks became more and more evident, some men had to grab and use a large piece of metal and also a plastic piece to prevent the light post from falling to the ground. Residents called the Jamaica Public Service from as early as 6:00 p.m. when the post started moving out of place, but no one came.

The 119 police and fire brigade were called, but only when this reporter made a call to the National Stadium Police station was a unit sent to inspect the scene. When the unit arrived, they questioned a few of the residents “on duty” and then told them that if no one from the JPS arrive they were to inform the police again.

As the residents await the arrival of the JPS team, some of them have started securing their personal documents, ensuring their precaution in this predicament.

Swallowfield Residents Powerline Scare Resolved: It was on March 31, that a team from JPS finally came to their rescue. The team spent actually the entire day uprooting not only one, but two light poles in close proximity to each other that both posed a threat to the residents.

At the end of the work day, both residents and workmen were pleased and satisfied with a job well done and also the safety and security of the residents of Old Henry Lane.


Contributed by Nichola Panton

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