Stray Dogs Roam Montego Bay Streets

Stray Dogs Roam Montego Bay Streets

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)Stray Dogs Roam Montego Bay Streets: They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and from the way we see things going in Montego Bay, it seems that this is true. On any given day passing through the city, you have to meet up on a stray dog. One man was seen with 11 dogs gathered around him at the top of St James Street on Sunday. On Friday, August 18, a man who roam the Streets of Montego Bay and go by the name Burns was seen with at least four dogs going through the town.

But these dogs can also become annoying creatures. Many people are so upset because, on more than one occasion, they step into dog filth going to work. Marlon, who works in the Montego Bay Freezone, pointed out that he was very embarrassed one Monday morning going to work in a new pair of shoes. He said that while he was in a taxi (without noticing that he had stepped into some dog mess before), he realized that the mess was on his shoes as it started smelling up the taxi, much to the disgust of other passengers.

The citizens are calling on the relevant authorities to remove all the stray dogs and insane people from off the streets.

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