St. James: Unidentified Man Found Shot to Death. Now 25 Murders in Since Jan

Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – The police in Montego Bay St James are now carrying out investigations to gain the motives surrounding the shooting death of a man whose body was discovered in the parish with bullets wounds on Tuesday morning.

Investigators also pointed out that they have not yet identified the victim.

Reports are that, about 11:30 pm on Monday night, residents in the Blood Lane area of Glendevon reported hearing a barrage of explosions, which sounded like gunshots coming from a section of the area.

The Montego Hills police were summoned and, upon arrival they carried out a search in the area.

At about 1:30 am the police stumbled upon the body of the man along a section of the roadway, with multiple gunshot wounds.

The scene was processed and the victim was removed and later pronounced dead at hospital.

Since the start of the year 25 persons have been murdered in the parish of St James.

Henry Bucknor

Special Crime Investigator

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