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Minister Chuck, Stay Away From the St James Parish Library Property, Please

Minister Chuck, Stay Away From the St James Parish Library Property, Please

If Justice Minister Delroy Chuck wants to move the St. James family Court from its present location, surely he can go ahead and do so, but please don’t mess with the St James Parish Library property.

By McKoy’s News Writer

Delroy Chuck St James Parish LibraryMinister Chuck’s intention seems to ignite many concerns about his plan to relocate the St. James Family Court from its present location on Kerr Crescent uptown, Montego Bay – to upstairs the #1 Post Office, (formerly used as a call centre), next door to the Montego Bay Court House, on Meager Bay Road, in the heart of Downtown, Montego Bay.

Minister Chuck just cannot come down here and do as he likes, without consulting with the citizens of Montego Bay about their like and dislike. Yes, he has all rights to move any ministry he wants to, but not the St. James Parish Library Property.

We the citizens of St. James need our library for our already liberated youngsters to play and redeemed themselves after a stressful day at school, or during holidays and on weekends. If Minister Chuck is really looking for space to use for more parking, most certainly, he can check with his partner in chief, Dr. Horace Chang, or better yet, he could consult with his worship, the Mayor, Homer Davis to help find a more suitable location for his parking lot, but definitely, not our library property.

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St James Parish Library
St James Parish Library

Truth is, we should be looking to redevelop the landscape of the St James Parish Library property into a first world sport and entertainment facility to better accommodate our future youngsters. This of course would give them some sense of pride and joy to want to go and play, and mingle with their fellow students, acquaintances, and friends in a more friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

On completion of their stay on a new and developed ground of the Library property, they would run on home feeling rejuvenated and happy to be away from home for the day. No lingering, no hitching, and no loafing around areas where they don’t belong.

And yes, it would be very nice of Minister Chuck to give the St James Parish library some new and more modern equipment, to be use for research by others, who would want to use the service of a modern Library Service.



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