Boy Dies While Playing on Bed

St. James, Boy Dies While Playing at Home

St. James, Jamaica (McN) – Families of a young boy in Cornwall Court, St. James are in shock that their lives changed in an instance on Friday, when the boy dies while playing at home, in what appears to be a tragic child’s play accident.

Reportedly, a boy identified as Javaughn Henry, 9-year-old, was at home playing in his bed.

His family says that on Friday evening while at home, Javaughn was playfully jumping in his bed, in their Cornwall Court, St. James home when, he allegedly fell off the bed, knocking his head on the floor and later died.

According to reports, the boy was found after 7:00 pm bleeding from the mouth and nostrils.

He was taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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