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St James Painter Dies After Being Beaten by Mob

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) –  St James Painter Dies After Being Beaten by Mob: A man who was beaten by a group of men in Granville, St James several days ago died suddenly allegedly from injuries he received during the mob attack.

The deceased, 44-year-old Anthony Grant, a Painter who hails from Beverly Hills in Hendon, Norwood, was reportedly mobbed and beaten in Granville where he had gone to do some work over a week ago.

Grant, after being beaten almost to death, was transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital by residents in the area.

A family member to the victim told our news team that Grant reportedly left the hospital and went home without receiving full medical attention and without reporting the incident to the police. They also stated that several days ago Grant started to complain of feeling ill and died suddenly.

Following an investigation by the police, it was disclosed by doctors at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, that the victim died from injuries he received while being beaten.

The Montego Hills and Granville police have now joined forces in carrying out a full investigation into Grant’s death.

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