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St. James to Get North and South Division Police Dept. Says SSP

St. James, Jamaica (McN) — St James Police Division Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth announced that the St. James police will be split into two divisions — North an South

Speaking at the St James Municipal Corporation monthly, Wednesday, SSP Nesbeth revealed that St. James will soon house two Police divisions — North an South. The parish current operates with one police division.

“The fact that the division is supposed to be split is far advanced to the extent that it is agreed that it will be North and South,” revealed Nesbeth.

“One of the drawbacks was identifying a headquarters office space somewhere in the Anchovy area,” the SSP stated.

New St. James Police Headquarters

Nesbeth went on to state negotiation communications are ongoing between the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and owners of a property in Anchovy to house the new St. James Police Headquarters.

“There were discussions held with some owners, albeit far gone, are not favourable as the police department would want it to be, so we are looking at alternative places,” he said.

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