St James Common-Law Couple Awaits Sentencing of Gruesome Murder

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News, January 26, 2018

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – St James Common-Law Couple Awaits Sentencing: our New Team has been informed that a St James common-law couple who pleaded guilty to murder when they both appeared in the Montego Bay Circuit Court last Thursday, January 11, was remanded back into custody when they reappeared in Court on Thursday, January 25, to await sentencing.

Both accused, Demo Rickets 27-year-old laborer of Guinea Hill District in Springfield, St James, and his common-law wife Mellissa McFarlane, 22-year-old of the said address pleaded guilty to Murder and Conspiracy to Murder, before High Court judge Viveen Harris.

The accused who are both represented by Attorneys at Law Henry McCurdy and Martin Thomas were remanded into custody and ordered to return to court on January 31, for sentencing.

Reports are that about 11:00 am on October 4, 2015, the mutilated body of Gaius Grey, a 48-year-old farmer was discovered by a close family member at his home in a decomposing state.

Investigations revealed that the victim was killed over a day before and, sections of his skull was totally bashed in.

Investigations led the police to Guinea Hill where the common-law couple was taken into custody.

St James Common-Law Couple Awaits Sentencing: Some time later after being questioned they confessed to the murder and we’re officially charged.  Since then they have made numerous court appearance.

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