Spice Wants To Make It Big In The Music Industry

Dancehall superstar Grace Hamilton widely known as ‘Spice’ is placing a special focus on the need to empower upcoming female musicians, while setting bars for herself.

In the popular Red Bull interview series – A Conversation With, the Sheet performer provided a detailed understanding of her childhood to her ascension in the Dancehall and entertainment community.

The Dancehall star has earned her spot in the music and entertainment industry by being a consistently powerful force and source of inspiration through her music.  The artiste says there is far more work to be done, as she hopes to carve her name in the Dancehall league of pantheons.

“I want to do what no other female from Jamaica has done before. I want to set trends,” she said.

Spice said that working hard and sending positive messages through her music will enable others to do the same.

“You see like how Usain Bolt run and him set a record, I want to do something great that will set something for females in Dancehall. So, when females come after me they know that this is something that they have to work for,” she said during the interview.

Recognizing the value of leaving her stamp on the music industry, Spice shared that she is driven to make a difference that will enable others to do the same when she has retired.

“It will make the music better because when you have something where someone has made that big step and big stamp it will make you work harder because you know that’s where you need to go. So, I want to set a big record in Jamaica and I’m working towards that I’m not gonna stop and I’m not gonna give up because that’s what I’m aiming for,” she said passionately.



Source: Dancehallmag

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