Speed out Your Lanes, Lovely Jamaican Women

Jamaica News, March 21, 2018 – Lovely Jamaican Women 

Were I in the habit of giving advice to people either privately or in a public setting, I would tell them that to mix religious stupidity with party politics is a certain guarantee that mainly, idiocy will result in that mixture.

Associate pastor and councillor for the Palmer’s Cross division in Clarendon, Carlene Benjamin, recently provided us with vivid proof that more than a few of those in leadership positions in Jamaica are still mired in their own delusions, especially those shaped by their conveniently selected meanings of Bible verses and their warped ideas of the limitations of the human female.

Speaking at a recent function hosted by the Longville Park District Consultative Committee in association with its Human Resource Committee, dubbed ‘Today’s Women: Empowered for Transformation’, Benjamin made the case that women have their roles to play and they should not try to be equal with men.

According to her, women should not aggressively compete with men and they, women, should stay in their lanes.

Way over on the other side of the world, in Mother Africa, Time magazine through an online article titled, A Legislator Has Sparked Online Fury For Saying Men Should Beat Their Wives, wrote,

‘Onesimus Twinamasiko, an independent MP representing Uganda’s western Kibaale district, told local television channel NTV that, “… as a man, you need to discipline your wife.” He added: “You need to touch her a bit, you tackle her, beat her somehow to really streamline her.”

Yes, ‘to really streamline her,’ with blows across the face and kicks to the stomach especially if she refuses to ‘stay in her lane.’

Make no mistake about it, both politicians are on the same wavelength. While Ms. Benjamin has not advocated that Jamaican women should feel honored if they suffer a few black eyes, her telling our strong and ambitious women that they should stay in their lanes is the first part of the limitation that ends with men brutalizing them.

But, just when we thought that Benjamin, church pastor and politician had provided the best of her better advice, she slipped and almost tripped over her own retrograde reading of the marriage relationship.

According to Benjamin, the man’s sex needs must always be met, whether the woman wants to engage or not. Let me be honest here. As a man I am about 90% tempted to agree with her. But as a social being, it is easy for me to see through her archaic thinking.

She says, , ‘…it is sad that a lot of the broken marriages are caused by overzealous churchwomen who leave their husbands to “starve” while they choose to go on two-week fasting, which includes abstaining from all kinds of pleasure.

‘ If I have an engagement at church and my husband needs me, then even if I am tired, I am going to take care of him.’

Now think of it. The woman has chosen to either go to church and involve herself in its various activities or, she is home knitting a blouse. The husband has just had a drink with friends and he is feeling horny. He comes home and says, ‘Honey, come here I need you. Drop everything yu doing and come into the bedroom.’

‘But honey, mi nuh feel like doing it. Yu can wait till later.’

‘No, mi can’t wait! Yu nuh hear whey Miss Benjamin sey. Yu fi gi mi every time mi want it.’

I am certain that hardly any of the women at Longville Park took Ms. Benjamin serious. In Jamaica where many of our young, old, and older women have been holding up more than their fair share of the social and relationship bargain, Ms. Benjamin is urging them to give up more.

Jamaican women occupy the highest percentage (60% +)globally in top management (in Jamaica) and, at the base of the society, against all odds, many of them are keeping what is left of the family unit from tearing itself apart.

The viewpoints expressed by Ms. Benjamin ought to be left in the past. Sensible men who respect their women are instantly congratulatory of their women as they proudly stride out of their restrictive lanes and onto the once untouchable highways of their dreams.

Soar, Jamaican women, soar. We men are right beside you.

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