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Special Team to Investigate Murder of former Falmouth Mayor’s Wife

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Falmouth, Trelawny (Mckoy’s News) – The Trelawney police have stated that a special team of investigators have been put in place to carry out investigations into the murder of Hyacinthia Wright, the Former Falmouth mayor’s wife who was discovered with her throat slashed behind her shop at Victoria Street in Falmouth Trelawney.

The police also mentioned that they are now carrying out investigations to determine if her death is connected in any way to her involvements in a court battle, between her and her four step children.

The 76-year-old retired English Hospitality worker was locked in a Court case with her four step children.Wright who is affectionately called “miss Little” was supposed to return to court today Thursday, May 18, 2017 where a ruling was expected to be made allegedly in her favor.

Several concerned residents in Falmouth who identified themselves to be close friends of Hyacinthia stated that she was a very kind, loving and hard working person who never deserved to die in this way.

HyacinthiaWright they say was the wife of former Falmouth Mayor, Joseph Wright for 20 years but, the couple was together for 40 years.

Things went sour for Hyacinthia after her husband Joseph who served as Mayor and Councilor for Falmouth for 17 years passes away in 2013.

She was then allegedly served with court documents by her husbands four children, to vacate the matrimonial home at Hardy Pen on the outskirt of Falmouth.

BLIND SIDED: Hyacinth after her husband died told news media that she encouraged her husband to take his children from the UK, and she raised them, as a second mother, without any contention between her and them – from their high school years to their college years, before they went back to England to live. She told reporters that she encouraged her husband to make a will and place his kids as beneficiary to the house, but she would keep the contents in the home.

The news media published parts of a letter sent to her, labeling her as their “guest,” without means to afford to contest them, and asked her to move or they would be forced to take actions.

The former Falmouth mayor’s wife was forced to relocate to the old family premises on Victoria Street where she dwelt on a section of a small shop from which she sold craft items.

One very close friend of the deceased stated that since 2014, Hyacinthia as been locked in the heated court battle with her four step children but, it was mentioned in court that Joseph Wright willed the house to all four children but, the entire content he willed to his wife Hyacinthia with instructions allegedly stating that, she should live at the home without being molested.

In 2016, Hyacinthia was viciously attacked by unknown assailants who knocked her out cold and left her for dead. She was rushed to hospital where she spent some time in an unconscious state.

Falmouth residents are asking for quick action into the vicious murder of the Former Falmouth mayor’s wife, Miss Little who they say was well loved.

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