Westmoreland Widower Murdered Selling Ganja

Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) –  Murdered Selling Ganja: a Westmoreland farmer who allegedly sells ganja for a living was shot and killed outside his home on Wednesday night May 17th 2017.

He as been identified as Francis Denham, 59-year-old of Whitehall in Negril.

The Negril police reported that, Denham who sells ganja from his house was at home about 9:30 pm when two men rode up on a motorcycle and shouted out to him that they wanted a spliff (ganja) to buy.

Denham walked from the house with the ganja in his hand, but on reaching on the outside and in close proximity to the men, they brandished handguns and open fire hitting him to his upper body.

The gunmen then escaped on the motorcycle.

Residents in the area alerted the police and upon arrival the wounded man was rushed to the Sav La Mar Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Investigators pointed out that the deceased lived as a widower for the past two years after gunmen invaded his home and shot his wife to death.

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