Sophia Have More Than A Million Stamps

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: It won’t be surprising if one day we wake up and hear the news that our own Jamaican Sophia Allen is added to the Guinness book of world records. Well for the past forty years, Sophia has been a Philatelist (collecting stamps). Hailing from a Kingston address, she has been a citizen in Montego Bay for more than a decade.


Her stamp collection started at age twelve when her grandmother in the states sent her a letter with a Christmas card. She was so fascinated with the beautiful stamps that she kept it as a souvenir. With that being her first collection, she began to collect more. She has collected over a million stamps from four hundred and eighty countries worldwide.


When penpal correspondence was popular in the 70’s and 80’s, she used to trade stamps with her pen friends and so increased in her catalog. The stamp collections have earned her several interviews in the media. She appeared on Smile Jamaica TVJ, the Western Mirror and the Gleaner newspaper.

Some of her stamp collection includes stamps of world leaders, former Jamaican Prime Ministers, National Heroes, Stamps of historical places in the world and of our world famous athletes.


Miss Allen operates her own business called Unique Collections, where she also designs postcards for any occasions.

“I Want to get recognition for my effort because it is a long time since I started this, some of my stamps are dated from 1785 to current, so you see am a little bit of history,”  said a smiling Sophia.

She will be going into schools to teach children about the stamps.


Sophia Shows off her stamp collections in her album


Sophia uses a Magnify glass to view her stamps properly.

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