Son Arrested after Decapitating Mother

Son Charged for Mother’s Beheading in St James

The St James police have charged a man with murder after his mother was found decapitated at their home in Retirement district.

Shemoy Brown, 29, also known as ‘Shem,’ was charged with murder on Wednesday afternoon.

According to authorities, the attack on Michelle Gayle-Brown, 53, took place between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Gayle-Brown, who is a caregiver, did not show up for work on Monday morning. Her employer made multiple calls to her cell phone but they went unanswered.

The police were alerted on Monday afternoon. Upon their arrival, they forced their way inside the house and found the woman’s headless body wrapped in a sheet. Her arms were partially severed and her head was found wrapped in a towel inside the kitchen.

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