Dr Christopher Clarke Shortwood Principal Jamaica

Shortwood Teachers’ College Principal Convicted Found Guilty


St. Andrew, Kingston (McN) – Shortwood Teachers’ College Principal, Dr. Christopher Clarke, convicted on Monday afternoon of causing death by dangerous driving.

Reportedly, on March 16, 2014, Dr. Clarke was involved in a motorcycle and motor vehicle crash along the Old Harbour main road, in St. Catherine, which claimed the life Yvonne Brown.

Brown was said to be on a pillion of a motorcycle which collided with a motor vehicle driven by Dr. Clarke.

Prosecutors at the trial delivered the case that Dr. Brown was driving recklessly, which resulted in the collision.

Dr. Clarke gave testimony that poor lighting along the Old Habour main road caused the crash.

A seven (7) member jury deliberated for over and hour, returning with a guilty verdict unanimously for the charge before the St. Catherine Circuit Court today.

The Shortwood Teachers’ College Principal, was taken into custody.

Clark’s attorney, Anthony Williams, applied for bail until sentencing, referring to his track record as an educator, but the trial judge rejected the application.

He is set to be sentenced on February 28.

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