Double Murder in Manchester of Men Suspected of Lotto Scamming

Manchester, Jamaica (McN) – Two men were shot and killed in Comfort Manchester on Sunday night, both men were on police investigation list for lottery scamming; leaving the police to investigate whether their murders had anything to do with lotto scamming.

Killed are Rollando Thompson, 26-years-old, and Kemar Reid, 33-years-old.

Reports are that shortly after 9:00 p.m, Thompson and Reid both standing at the gate of Reid, when armed men approached and peppered both men with bullets, killing them both.

Deputy Superintendent of the Manchester Police,  Mr. Hemford Wade, said Reid was before the court, charged with lottery scamming.

According Wade, Thompson was also on the police radar for lotto scamming.

The Manchester Police, investigating the murders are probing whether their deaths are related to a lottery scamming ring.

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