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Shopkeeper gunned down inside shop in Mount Zion, St. James


St. James, Jamaica (McN) – Shopkeeper gunned down along with another in Montego Bay, St. James on Saturday night.

The police say that one of the men remains unidentified but the other victim has been identified as Donovan Ricketts, 40-year-old shopkeeper of Mount Zion District also in St James.

Reports are that, about 9:30 pm on Saturday both men were at a shop in the Mount Zion community operated by Ricketts when they were ambushed by two armed men.

The gunmen opened fire killing both men on the spot before escaping on foot in the area.

The Barrett Town police were summoned and upon arrival, the two men were discovered suffering from gunshot wounds inside on the floor of the shop.

Both men were transported to the Falmouth Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

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