I have a girlfriend and we are living together. In November, she asked me if she could go to a party. I told her, yes, but I was not interested in going because I was feeling very tired.

I am a security guard and sometimes to make a little more money, I do a double shift. I have four children with two different women, but I don’t have any children with the girl I am living with.

She left for the party at 10 o’clock. I was at work. She called me and told me she was leaving. I told her all right and she should enjoy herself.

I did not get home until the next morning, but during the night, at 3 o’clock, I called to find out if she had gone home.

She didn’t answer the phone. But an hour after she called back and told me things swinging and she was staying longer, and I told her okay.

The following morning when I got home, this red-skinned girl had hickey all over her neck.

And she couldn’t tell me how they got there. When I pressed her, she said maybe it was the guys who held her tightly around her neck when they were dancing.

I know that couldn’t give a woman hickey all over her neck and even on her chest.

I told her to leave my house. Now she is spreading my name and telling everybody that the real reason why she left is because I have no use.

While she is telling people that, she is begging me to take her back.

Please, tell me what to do.

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