We are often told that Jamaica is not a real place when in reality it’s a few who adds up to the countries population aren’t real.

Our news team received information that a taximan in St. Ann was yesterday attacked and his throat slashed for sneezing in a store.

According to the victim, he had just met with a vendor selling spices and ground seasonings which he had an allergic reaction to.

On entering the store he became stuffy and suddenly sneezed. He was then approached by an unidentified man who got into a heated argument with him.

Before he could explain what happens the man pulled a sharp object and made a swing at him then sped off.

Still in shock and had no idea he was bleeding until every one started staring at him and running away.

He was assisted hospital by other cabbies outside.

The perpetrator fled the scene and is still on the run.

In a similar incident, a Man was Beaten Senselessly And Thrown off a Bus For Sneezing.

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