Security Guard Beaten by Female Student with Chair, During “Man Quarrel” at Learning Institute In Mobay

Latest Jamaica News (McKoy’s News): Security Guard Beaten by Female Student An 18-year-old female student who reportedly beat a 62-year-old security guard with a chair at her school, after he intervened in a fight between she and another female student, was  arrested and charged by the police.

The police say the 18-year-old female student, who hails from Retrieve community in Cambridge, St James, has since been charged with Unlawful Wounding, and is to appear in court early next week.

Reports are that shortly after 2:00 p.m., a fight allegedly over a male, started between the two female students at the learning institution, which is located at Union Street, in downtown Montego Bay.

The security guard who was on duty at the institution intervened and attempted to quell the fight, when he was attacked by one of the female student, who used a chair to inflict several injuries to his face and hand.

The fight was brought under control by several of the administrative staff, and the police were later called in.

Following an investigation by the lawmen, the female student was arrested and charged.

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