Kidnapped Hanover Cashier


HANOVER: 32-years-old Cashier Tasha Gordon – Kidnapped from her workplace by gunmen.

Green Island, Hanover (Mckoy’s News)Kidnapped Hanover Cashier: hundreds of community members from Prospect District in Green Island Hanover are still combing sections of the community in search of missing 32-year-old Cashier Tasha Gordon.

Gordon was kidnapped by two armed men on Monday night, January 13, 2017, who invaded the wholesale grocery store where she works in Prospect Square, shortly after shooting to death Marvin McIntosh, otherwise called Coni, 36- year-old Store Manager of the wholesale store Gordon was taken from by the gunmen.

Residents Search for Tasha Gordon

Following the murder and the kidnapping, residents of the community have been searching every corner of the community in search of the missing woman, but without success.

The residents also blocked sections of the community and staged a massive protest over what they claim has been neglect on behalf of the security forces, which never provided enough manpower to carry out their search effectively.

It as now been four long hard days of searching without a single trace of the missing cashier.

Kidnapped Hanover Cashier: all that was discovered were her pair of slippers and cash amounting to over JMD$9000, which were left behind as the gunmen dragged her through a nearby cane field.

Residents of the Green Island community are now calling on the security forces to intervene and assist them in every and any way they can in the search for Gordon.

Henry Bucknor – Special Investigator

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