School of Education Restructures Access

Jamaica News: The School of Education (SOE) at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, is restructuring the way it allows access to education.

This was disclosed by Undergraduate Coordinator and Deputy Dean of the SOE, Dr. Aisha Spence, while speaking with JIS News recently.

She said the restructuring is aligned to the National Development Strategy of the Government, and the SOE sees this as an important strategic move.

Teachers and school administrators now have the opportunity to pursue higher education at the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree level, Master of Education (M.Ed.) level and Doctoral (PhD) degree level.

The options available within the undergraduate B.Ed. programme include Information Technology or Computer Science, English Language or Literacy Studies, History, Geography, Social Studies and the Sciences. There is also the undergraduate Education Administration.

The undergraduate programme targets teachers who already hold a teaching Diploma from a teachers’ college, and high-school graduates wishing to pursue teacher education and have the requisite matriculation requirements.

According to Dr. Spence, the SOE is also collaborating with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information to ensure that teachers who have been teaching subject areas, but do not have the requisite qualification, will have the opportunity to do so.

The Ministry now requires that every teacher have a degree in their subject area, she noted.

The Postgraduate platform includes a Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration, which prepares individuals to become provosts, heads of departments and deans in tertiary-education institutions.

There is also the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Education Planning and Policy. This targets individuals seeking to become senior technical advisors to Ministers of Education across Jamaica and the region, and those working with organisations, such as UNESCO, that support education initiatives globally and locally.

This platform also includes an M.Ed. in Curriculum Development, Psychology, Language Education, Science Education and Mathematics Education. The SOE also offers a Doctorate of Philosophy in all the areas mentioned under the M.Ed.

According to Dr. Spence, the institution will soon offer the Doctor of Education (D.Ed.) which will be complementary to the PhD.  “Our mission at the SOE is to ensure that we put out leaders,” she said.

“Teachers don’t have to stick to the classroom. We want to contribute to the transformation in the education system by helping students to broaden their own vision of education. They are needed in the classroom, but we also need them in other places and training and professional development is available at the SOE,” Dr. Spence said.


Source: JIS News

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