Sandals South Coast Celebrates Their Frontline Heroes

Custodians of Sandals Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness get weeklong highlight

 The hallmark of any great resort is most definitely clean, comfortable and exquisitely appointed accommodations. After all, this is where guests spend most of their personal time therefore the attention to detail is particularly paramount.

This is not achieved by chance; it takes a team with years of experience, the highest level of training, a passion for perfection and an unwavering standard of excellence, committed to highest level of cleanliness and safety. Thankfully, at Sandals and Beaches resorts there is such a team and as the world celebrated International Housekeepers Week recently, the luxury-included resort group was sure to join in on celebrating the front runners of the company’s Platinum Protocol of Cleanliness.

While throughout all Sandals and Beaches resorts, there were numerous celebratory activities, at Sandals South Coast, the team added its own flair to this very important week in hospitality. After all, housekeepers form part of the lifeblood of this giant of a company. Sandals South Coast’s executive housekeeper, Ausanah Rowe, led the resort’s weeklong celebrations which saw the industrious team members showing up to various locations on resort to participate in a myriad of activities, ranging from competitions and rap sessions, to karaoke and team socials. The events culminated on Friday, September 17, 2021 with an awards gala with housekeeping team members turning out in anticipation of who would walk away with the top awards for the year.

About the resort’s week of activities, Rowe said, “Recognizing the housekeeping team for their stellar performance especially with the advent of the novel coronavirus goes a long way toward boosting staff morale. It certainly helps to keep them motivated and feel appreciated. I am happy to be part of something so pivotal and so necessary because in the world of hospitality, housekeepers are essential workers.”

According to General Manager Adrian Whitehead, in the wake of COVID-19 and the company’s Platinum Protocol of Cleanliness, housekeepers have become even more critical to a resort’s operations but there are other things as well. “Since reopening this resort in October 2020 we have hired over 200 new staff members, a number of whom are in our Housekeeping department.  It’s been a pleasure watching them grow, they have brought a high level of energy and enthusiasm to the team and they have been very eager to learn and immerse themselves in this new hospitality environment.

We’ve also increased and significantly enhanced our room portfolio on this resort and we’re impressed with how well our more seasoned staff members have adapted to the cleaning protocols and new SOPs as well as committed themselves to training and guiding the new hires,” said Whitehead. “Overall for the past several months, as our resort has enjoyed increased occupancies as travel returns, the demands on our housekeeping team have been exponential and at every step of the way they’ve pulled together as a team and stepped up to the plate.”

Though the week sought to recognize and honour all housekeepers, from room attendants to housemen, there were specific members of the team that were lauded for their unyielding dedication and outstanding contribution to the cleanliness of the resort and the maintenance of the company’s standards. Chief among them were, Abby-Gayle Desouza, Housekeeping Supervisor, Claudian Fletcher who is an overwater villa room attendant and Clevoy Burnett, an overwater villa houseman. While Fletcher and Burnett copped the coveted awards for most outstanding overwater room attendant and houseman, respectively, Desouza walked away with the mover and shaker award.

Desouza who started out as a hospitality trainee with the company back in 2014 credited her passion for excellence as the reason she is considered a mover and shaker. “Housekeeping is more than a job for me. It is something I am genuinely passionate about. Each day when I get dressed for this job, I work for nothing but the best,” she said. But awards and grand recognition are not new to her. She has been the recipient of several awards over the years, including the hotel manager’s award, earth guardian award and the team member of the month award. These cement the positive impression she continues to make on her team.

Fletcher was elated about her award. She shared that her work ethic is second to none.

Me? I’m exclusive!” she exclaimed after being asked what makes her outstanding. She continued, “I’m one of a kind. I go all out. I have a positive attitude, I am helpful and I take pride in what I do.

The conscientious room attendant was among the first batch of housekeepers to work in the over water villas. She was employed in 2017 fresh out of the Culloden Vocational Training Centre.

In the eyes of many she is one half of the overwater’s dynamic duo. Her fellow awardee, Clevoy Burnett who also prides himself on excellence, is the other. Though small in stature, the 23 year old’s presence is gigantic. Assigned to the overwater villas, he continues to exceed guests’ expectations with his keen eye for detail. He has been with the company for four years, his first job after high school and he has been shining brightly ever since.

I did the six week, Sandals Hospitality Training Programme, graduated a week later and was employed to the company the day after graduation. I believe I really stood out during the training as I was helpful, hardworking and very attentive. I promised myself that I would continue on the same path if I were to be employed and I have been doing just that. I guess this is why I was recognized for being outstanding. I’m very happy for this award,” he said.

Droves of team members across the group have expressed gratitude towards the company’s leadership for the weeklong recognition.

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