Romanian Freed of ATM Scamming

Romanian Freed of ATM Scamming

Romanian Freed of ATM Scamming: Yet another verdict has been handed down in our Courts that might cause the more cynical, and even those not so cynical, to cast serious doubts on the state of Jamaica’s Justice system.

To give a certain veracity to what I am about to say, let’s go back a few years to celebrated trial with political overtones. That matter involving Mr. Danhai Williams. Some of us will be familiar with the ups and downs and political manipulation in that matter and will have come to certain conclusions regarding the operations of the Justice system. The same sort of cynicism

The same sort of cynicism was apparent in the Kern Spencer affair, and in quite a few cases involving policemen, cases which seemed to be simple open and shut matters. Of course, we all remember the Patrick  Powell matter, and up to now most of us cannot understand what really took place regarding the gun being registered in his name and also to a policewoman, also named Powell… we get any sort of intensive investigation into this? No, but Mr. Patrick Powell walks.

There have been more cases like this, but an overwhelming feature is the number of cases where the prosecution says they have not sufficient evidence to prosecute. There was one like this recently that had been in Court for 8 years… took them that time to find out there wasn’t enough evidence.

Which brings me to the case of the Romanian.

Romanian Freed: Apparently, a group of Romanians had been carrying on ATM scams for a little while, and the police caught up with them. Most were tried, convicted and deported. All except the man who was thought to be the ringleader, Claudio Precup.

Over 200 blank ATM cards were found in an apartment he occupied in Liguanea, St Andrew.  The Prosecution submitted they had not sufficient evidence to prosecute Precup. Precup walked.

These things have been happening in this country for years, but we have no questioning from Judges, Public Officials, or those responsible for the Justice System. But we keep hearing from all quarters about the high crime rate, high murder rate, what must be done, etc, etc. Anybody wants to tell them?


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