Portia Simpson Denies She Was Forced to Resign as Head of the PNP

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Opposition Party President, Portia Simpson-Miller denies that she was forced to step down as President of the People’s National Party (PNP).

Despite the alleged political tension among the members of the People’s National Party and the rumors that the Party leader, Portia Simpson-Miller is not supported by the party; Simpson-Miller denies that she was pushed out of the Party, leading to her resignation effective April 2, 2107.

Street allegations are that the People’s National Party has been experiences mismanagement since the death of veteran leader Michael Manly, however the party came to scrambles after the loss of the last General election to then opposition leader, Andrew Holness, who is now the Prime Minster of Jamaica.

Miller is now hush, hush about her plans after the PNP.

In Earlier News, Yesterday


At close of the People’s National Party (PNP) nomination midday on Friday, Dr. Peter Phillips was the sole nominee.

Phillips was nominated as the forerunner for the Party this past Wednesday, with a large support from the Party’s officials, who turned to support him.

Simpson Miller steps down on April 2, 2017 amidst pressure and non-support from the PNP Party’s representatives, after she lost the last General Election loss to the Jamaica Labour Party’s leader, now Jamaica’s Prime Minster Hon. Andrew Holness.

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