St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- POPULAR ST JAMES BUSINESS WOMAN DIES IN CAR ACCIDENT: The Freeport Traffic police say they cannot yet release the name of the popular St James businesswoman who lost her life when the car which she was driving got involved in a five vehicular collision which occurred along a section of the Unity Hall main road on Saturday.

Reports by the Freeport traffic police are that shortly after 9:00 pm on Saturday the elderly businesswoman who resides at Rhyne Drive was driving her Nissan motor car from the direction of Rhyne Drive towards Reading.

Accident scene: St James Businesswoman Dies

Upon reaching a section of the Unity Hall main road another the driver of another car was traveling in the same direction swerved to avoid colliding in the rear of a taxi motor car travelling in front. The female swerve to avoid collision and a coaster bus slammed into the rear of her car. The vehicle spun and another coaster bus collided with the ill-fated car.

The female driver and both drivers of the coaster buses were transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where she was pronounced dead and the other two treated for their injuries.

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