Popular Montego Bay street dancer

Popular Montego Bay Street Dancer “Check It Out”

Popular Montego Bay street dancer ‘Check It Out’, wants the entire St James and Jamaica, to know that he was not the person who is being rumoured got a beating for hitting a student on Tuesday along Barnett Street.

“The man who did it was beaten and hospitalized, I don’t trouble people, I only beg, dance and lust after sexy looking ladies,” said the man who found himself in this unfortunate situation. He continues “I am not a madman to hit anyone,” said the unkempt street person.

In recent times, Check It Out has gained lots of recognition in St. James because of his dancing ability, and his courteous style of begging in the streets of Montego Bay. When asked why he carried himself in this condition, he said that men are always attracted to him when he is in a clean state, and this is just his way to keep them off. “I put grease on myself so they don’t look this dirty man,” said Check It Out, who is from a Cambridge address in St James.


Check It Out with one of his dance moves on Market Street, He wants to make it clear that he does not trouble people.

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