Alkaline tells his fans- “Gaza or Vendetta”


(Mckoys News)- Alkaline tells his fans- “Gaza or Vendetta”: In a case of not wanting his fans to be “playing bothie”, superstar of dancehall, Alkaline, has strongly urged his followers to choose their side and stick to it.

The message was sent to his fans on Thursday of last week via one of his social media platforms.

“Pick unuh side and stick to it.” Alkaline wrote. He also wrote in another post, ”Big up all a di people dem pon dis weh say alka keep focus don’t talk it dweet.”

So far, Alkaline is having a great year. He has performed at a number of shows overseas and his two recently released tracks, “Hard Tackle and Suave” are taking the streets like a hurricane.

Suave was released over two weeks ago and has racked up over 2 million views on YouTube so far.

Pretty Girl Team released in March this year, has the most streams on YouTube for a dancehall song this year with over 13 million views and counting.


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