Poll shows JLP lead increasing over PNP

Poll shows JLP lead increasing over PNP

The latest opinion poll by the respected Don Anderson is showing the gap between the JLP and the PNP is widening when people respond to who they would vote for if elections were called.

The latest party Standing results of the Polls conducted between July 23 and August 3 shows the JLP with 36%, PNP with 20% and the majority of others in the sample saying they were not sure or will not vote.

Don Anderson who was commissioned by the RJR/Gleaner group said the gap had widened between this latest poll and the one done in February. At that time 20% said they would vote JLP and 22% would vote PNP. But now the PNP vote has gone down by two percentage points and the JLP’s has increased by six percentage points.

Don Anderson says “It’s a huge gap” but points out that Elections are won on Election Day. He said he was not projecting the likely result.

Other recently published polls commissioned by media houses find a similar level of lead that is widening for the JLP.

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