Political Mind Control

Political Mind Control

Socrates at Large – Political Mind Control: So long as we operate on the premise of an abstract and immanentist unity, political parties and the false economies upon which they operate will thrive.

The existence of Political Mind Control in Jamaica: One of the hardest things to watch in the run-up to the last election was how the genuine sense of disempowerment and desire for change felt by so many people in Jamaica was exploited by both political parties, but especially by the JLP who themselves cared little for anything but their own ends. Long neglected communities and struggling households were driven to hope and fear all at the same time. The hope that their Windows would remain open under a JLP government and the fear that a tax relief of $18000 was their only economic saviour.

The modern-day political party has become self-serving. Indeed serving a few, a select group. In order to Pursue the interest they represent, the party has to obtain power by any means necessary.  Political parties have become totalitarian in its language and it’s following. It fosters conflicts. Indeed in the PNP, it was the call to UNITY behind PSM and certain select VP candidates that compelled people to behave in ways that promoted conflict.

Largely it was to avoid this impending conflict that led to Peter Bunting withdrawal from the leadership contest which was aborted. It is the call to UNITY behind a particular candidate in NW St Catherine and PSM constituency that will promote conflict. In order for the electorate to have a free mind, democracy must come to the fore. An open free and transparent selection process, free from peer pressure.

When Politics decide how we relate to each other, we are indeed on the wrong path. We judge each other based on how we vote, who we support and what we can get from them. The political process is crying out for a new direction.  Enter Dr Peter Phillips…

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