Police Say Trelawny Crime Rate Lessens

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Jamaica News, March 23, 2018 –  Trelawny Crime Rate Lessens                                

Trelawny, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – The Trelawny police have now reported that since the start of the year 2018, crime has drastically been reduced.  This the police say is a result of  increased police  patrols,  spot checks, foot patrols and community police presence throughout various communities across the parish.

The police have indicated that at the end of 2017, a total of 21 murders were recorded across the parish, which they consider to be relatively high.  So far since the start of this year, a total of five murders have been recorded.

This amount they say is two more murders above that of the previous year.  At this same time in 2017, a total of three murders took place in the parish, however, domestic disputes, robberies and gun related incidents were above normal.

Four gun murders and one stabbing murder have taken place so far since the start of the year and these incidents have taken place in the Stewart Town, Wakesfield, Duansvale, Warsop and Ulster Spring policing areas.

Since these killings, the police have also implemented new security measures and beefed patrols in these areas.

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