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Police Identify Chinese Businessman Found Dead in Clarendon

Latest Jamaica News, Clarendon (McKoy’s News): Police Identify Chinese Businessman Found DeadThe police in Maypen have identified the Chinese businessman whose burnt remains were found in Clarendon on Tuesday, October 15.

Dead is 50-year-old Yiyong Liu, owner of a wholesale in Guinep Tree, May Pen.

Reports are that about 6:00 a.m., the burnt remains of the victim were discovered at his business establishment located in Guinep Tree, Clarendon. His cause of death was not immediately known, however, investigators suspect foul play.

Sources say Liu’s wholesale is located across the road from a supermarket where a shootout between police officers and heavily armed robbers occurred in May.

Gunmen Invade May Pen, Two Police Shot, Three Chinese Kidnapped

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