Gunmen Invade May Pen, Two Police Shot, Three Chinese Kidnapped

Jamaica Crime News, Clarendon: Gunmen Invade May Pen A 55-year-old Police Sergeant and a 28-year-old Police Constable, both of whom are attached to the May Pen police station, are now being treated at hospital in serious conditions, after they were shot and injured by several armed gunmen who challenged them in a shootout at a section of May Pen, known as Guinep Tree.

Reports are that about 9:15 a.m., both officers were on patrol duties along the main street at Guinep Tree where they were alerted that a group of armed men were carrying out robberies in the township.

Both officers went to the location and challenged the gunmen, who were armed with high-powered weapons.

The gunmen opened fire hitting the Constable in the regions of his face and right shoulder, and the Sergeant was shot to his abdomen, buttocks and groin.

The gunmen who were traveling in two motor cars also shot up the police service vehicle and a Toyota Mark X, motor car. While making their escape in one of the getaway cars, a Toyota Pro box crashed into a wall.

Additional police officers were deployed at the location, and both wounded cops were rushed to hospital where they were treated and admitted.

It is also alleged that three Chinese nationals were kidnapped during the incident.

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