PNP young professionals demanding resignation of Min. Montague

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – The PNP young professionals are demanding the resignation of Minister of Security Min. Robet Montague.

The People’s National Party Patriots are states that Minster Montague is a threat to Jamaica’s Security.

Chairman of the young professionals group Javette Nixon, in a news statement yesterday said, “Montague is presiding over increasing levels of insecurity and fear of everyday Jamaicans”.

The group lays accusation again Minister Montague, accusing him of battering, and  mismanaging the ministry since he took office.

“There have been growing fears over the past six months. Jamaicans are crying out for Montague’s sacking in order to stem the unprecedented permeation of mayhem and anarchy across the Jamaican society,” stated Nixon.

The statement cited support of a failing security system points to the statistic that January 2017 became the bloodiest start to a New Year.

“The minister charged with generally directing and controlling this ministry should be made to admit that the situation is simply out of control and resign before our country further loses the basic ability to maintain law and order,” continued Nixon.

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