Court Expected to Rule Today if Caricel Will Keep its Licence

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – The Jamaica Supreme Court will hand down its ruling today, regarding the application filed with the court by Symbiote Investment Limited (Caricel), proposing to prevent the Government from revoking the Domestic Mobile Spectrum licence which they issued Symbiotic Investment last year.

Final submission of the case was brought before Judge Leighton Pusey on January 6.

Caricel was granted the Domestic Mobile Spectrum license by the previous Government after cabinet voted and approve it – despite warning from the Contractor General Dirk Harrison who, issued a report to Parliament, demonstrating that it was not advisable that the Gorvernment issue the Mobile license to Symbiote Investment Limited, citing that intelligence in investigation of the company found “adverse traces”  – breach of the Telecommunications Act, and the Radio and Telegraph Control Act.

News report published the Jamaica Observer, last month states: 

“Harrison also pointed out in the report that the adverse traces revealed in the police’s investigations were also the subject of an OCG 2009 investigation into the circumstances surrounding the grant of telecommunications licences to Index Communications Network Limited, a company trading as Gotel.

He noted that it was Index Communications Network Limited, trading as Gotel, and NewGen Technologies Company Limited that had merged networks to operate under the brand of Symbiote Investments and that the majority shareholder in Symbiote was Narysingh Limited, an offshore company in which the majority shareholder and sole director at the time that a second application was made to the Office of Utilities Regulation was the same person on whom the “adverse traces” were found.”

Since issuance of the licence, the US embassy has revoked the visas for attorneys for the company, Patrick Bailey and Minette Lawrence and her husband Lowell Lawrence, who is a director of the company.

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