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Petersfield High School Student Killed in Bike Accident

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Westmoreland, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Petersfield High School Student: the Water Works community in the parish of Westmoreland is now in mourning, after the tragic death of a prominent six grader who attends the Petersfield High School, also in Westmoreland.

The victim Leasan Dennis, 19-year-old of Baggy Lane in Water Works was said to be excelling academically.

The Whithorn police related that about 3:30 pm on Friday, May 12, the 19-year-old student had just finished sitting the CAPE examination and was heading home on a motorcycle as a pillion.

On reaching a section of the Carawina main road the rider of a High Rev motorcycle which was travelling in the opposite direction lost control of the motorcycle and collided with the motorcycle on which Dennis was travelling.

The student and both motorcyclist  were rushed to the Sav la mar Hospital, where Dennis was pronounced dead and both riders admitted in serious condition.

Dennis who is said to be a very brilliant student attended the Petersfield Primary School, then moved on to the Belmount Academy High where she graduated in the fifth form, before attending the Petersfield High School as a sixth former.

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