Peter Bunting celebrates as Fenton Ferguson joins the Rise United wagon

Latest Jamaica News [ Mckoy’s News] Peter Bunting celebrates –  Peoples National Party (PNP) presidential candidate Peter Bunting, is still celebrating the news that former health minister and Member of Parliament for Eastern St. Thomas, Fenton Ferguson, has thrown his full support behind him, as he prepares to face off with current party leader Peter Phillips in the party leadership elections on September 7.

“Fergie come in like a rapture! Welcome 6-star            General – Dr. Fenton Ferguson and the Eastern St. Thomas delegates and comrades.  Rise United.  The tide is rising,” Bunting posted on his Facebook page on Sunday afternoon.

He later uploaded several video clips on Monday afternoon of Ferguson explaining why he had opted to support bunting over Phillips.

“The sun rises in the east, Eastern St. Thomas to be exact. Welcome doc.  We can win. Rise United,” he posted shortly after midday on Monday. Bunting also posted a plethora of flyers captioned “7 reasons why Fenton chose to rise” numbering one to seven explaining why Ferguson had decided to jump on the Rise United wagon.

Among the reasons outlined by Ferguson were:

1.     Duty to party over personal loyalty

2.     Disappointing by-election results

3.     Worrying political strategies and decisions some of which have led to this challenge

4.     An unfortunate but clear assessment that the Jamaican populace has not warmed to Phillips as a leader and future Prime Minister… a strong internal division on the leadership question

5.     A towering influence of young people in the political process with Bunting having a distinct advantage especially among the 18 to 40 age  group

6.     Polls point to the fact that Peter Bunting would defeat Andrew Holness in  a general election

7.     Bunting, an engineer and the holder of a MBA is perfectly positioned to meet the challenges of the new, emerging world…has never lost an election

  There was a flurry of comments by Comrades, accompanying Buntings first post which came in the form of a video which announced Ferguson’s joining of Rise United, the majority of which were in support of the move by the dental surgeon.

“Dr. Peter Phillips better come on join the Rise United Camp because he cyan win this one,” Greg Smith posted.

“Looking good.  Many more is coming.  Love it,” Georgia Wisdom noted, while Jeffery James quipped: “Ha, I saw this on coming weeks ago.”

Some Comrades were very caustic towards the current PNP president Dr. Peter Phillips, while some mocked the 70 year old outright.

“Mr. Bunting, since you have the majority of the Opposition MPs, why don’t you move a motion of no confidence in the Opposition Leader Mr. Phillips and this will make u even stronger for the September 7th party presidential election,” Dwight Wallace posted.

“So wait, after sleepy lost what is he going to do?  That is what I would really want to know because to me there is no way sleepy can win Mr. Bunting. So comes September, everyone will really see that sleepy is just a loser.  He couldn’t stand up to Sister P and he can’t stand up to Bunting.  What a drama its’ gonna be.  I just can’t wait for the day to come when I don’t have to see sleepy anymore,” Beverley Baker said.

But there was one seemingly unhappy Comrade amongst the celebrants, in the form of Kereen Haughton.

“U alone can’t make Peter Bunting win, OK,” she posted.

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