Ian Hayles launches another blazing attack on PNP VP Damion Crawford

Latest Jamaica News [ Mckoy’s News] Ian Hayles launches another blazing attackWestern Hanover Member of Parliament Ian Hayles has intensified his attacks on Peoples National Party (PNP) vice President, Damian Crawford.

In a video that is being circulated on social media, the recently-baptised Hayles accused Crawford of, among other things, calling presidential candidate Peter Bunting, of the Rise United faction nicknames, gossiping about party leader Peter Phillips as well as failing to establish an executive in the East Portland constituency, and generally being a time-waster in that parish.

“Damion, morning.  Every Sunday morning I sit down in mi living room and I drink a cup a tea and I read mi bible.  Mek mi talk to you as a bredrin right now and a want you listen to mi.  I know you went to a meeting in Montego Bay and you call Peter Bunting a name, and I am going to ask you to stop it once more,” Hayles said into the camera.

“You si, while reflecting dis morning, I know one ting.  You a mi bredrin so we goin have a talk.  Let me tell you, is you not so long ago call every PNP delegate plyboard PNP enuh.  A you enuh Damian.  When you were in problems up in East Rural, you look again and you say to di people dem say – at dat time remember say you neva know of you waa run or if yuh no waa run becaw you neva a deal wid di people dem inna yo constituency, an at di last minute wen wi convince yuh fi run, you memba weh you go pon di platform and yuh say to di PNP dem say: ‘a trick mi trick oonu’.

Hayles said he was not going to disclose some of the things that Crawford had told him, apparently in confidence but would disclose other damming ones.

“Yo tell mi personally ay Dr. Phillips a plan yo funeral wid Maxine and Mikael heading u yo ting in Portland.  Memba yo tell mi so.  And what did I say to you?  Mi say: ‘Damian, if yo goin teck such a risk for Dr. Phillips, negotiate to get his seat.  Memba mi tell yo so?  An rememba wha yo say back to mi?  Now, me know say a Dr. Phillips seat you a wait pan.  Me know dat,” Hayles said.

“But hear mi now uh.  No mek wi go out there and tear dung Comrade Bunting.  Because as me say di odda day when mi lift up mi bible you nuh, most of you guys agenda ova there is quite clear.  It’s to block Peter Bunting.  But mi have news fi yuh enuh.  Every PNP delegate want wi.  Every PNP delegate want wi form di next government.  So no care weh yo want say bout Comrade Bunting, Comrade Bunting is just a messenger carrying out their message.  Mi can tell you bredrin, di people mek up dem mind already,” the MP added.

Hayles also went on to lambast the former PNP Youth Organisation president about what he said was his substandard stewardship of the East Portland Constituency.  He also dismissed Crawford’s Victory squad which is leading Phillip’s presidential campaign as nonsense.

“So if you a wait pon east Central St. Andrew, wait pon it and stop telling di people dem a Portland ay yuh might np come back down dere if Bunting win.   From you go dung dere yo no set up one executive yet.  From yo go dung dere yo no have one executive meeting yet.  So all di run weh yo a run roun di country- why yo call it?  Victory squad?  There is no victory in your squad enuh.  There is no victory in your squad.  Victor win one time.  How much winners you have inna your squad?  Are you a winner inna your squad?  Yo si, rememba enuh, the most important thing to you as you have always said to mi, it’s your poll numbers,” Hayles continued.

“Well mi expect you fi call Bunting a name enuh, because Buntin has become the most popular politician inside the Peoples National Party right now, just in six weeks.  So mi understand your frustration.  So jus gwaan bill and hold your ting and gwaan wait fi East Central.  But jus cool.  But mi a jus gwaan drink mi tea and probably pray a likkle extra fi yuh today.  You hear.  Respect.  Walk good,” he said.


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