Patients Say Work On CRH Progressing Too Slow

Montego Bay, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)- Patients Say Work On CRH Progressing Too Slow: The Minister of Health, Dr. Christopher Tufton paid a visit to the Cornwall Regional Hospital a few days ago. Following this visit, our news team carried out several interviews with dozens of patients at the facility who are now angry at the Minister and the Government over what they claim to be slow progress on the hospital structure over the past few months.

Earlier in 2017, the Minister was forced to relocate the entire Cornwall Regional medical facilities to the West Jamaican Conference Hall after it was discovered that harmful fumes had developed in the hospital ventilation system. Since then, Dr. Tufton has made several visits to the hospital, reported that work is being carried out speedily and the hospital community should be back at CRH as early as possible.

The concerned patients are now saying that several months have passed, and there is still no sign of progress being made in a speedy fashion to return emergencies to the casualty department. The patients vented their anger at the Prime Minister who they say came public recently and announced over $100M in reward money for the seizure of illegal firearms and ammunition. The patients say they are now concerned because that reward funding could have assisted in restoring the ventilation system at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in an expeditious manner in order to save more lives.

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