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Official end to the marital union of Lala and Carmelo Anthony

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

The marriage of Lala Anthony and NBA player Carmelo Anthony, affectionately known as “Melo” is now an official end, as it is now alleged that he has gotten a stripper/dancer pregnant.

The Knicks superstar’s wife reportedly moved out of their home in part due to the stress of his failed season — a decision that comes as Melo’s boss said No. 7 should play “somewhere else.”

While the couple has had problems in the past, suffering through 51 losses apparently placed a heavy strain on the nearly seven-year marriage for both.

The official end is reportedly amicable, even though it’s an official end with Anthony and La La agreeing to keep their only child in New York for the foreseeable future, the site reported.

Anthony, 32, also is on the verge of an ugly split with the team he’s called home for the last seven seasons — a divorce that seemed even more likely after Jackson, the Knicks president, said Melo should go at a season-ending press conference Friday.

“I think the direction with our team is that he is a player that would be better off somewhere else and using his talents somewhere he can win, or chase that championship,” Jackson said.

But leaving would be too much for La La, 37, to bear, sources told The Post, as this official end is weighing heavy on her.

“Especially if he isn’t going to be in NYC, why would she want to be traipsing around to a city like Cleveland so he can go win a ring?” a source explained.

Sources said the couple lost their spark when Anthony got traded to the Knicks from Denver in 2011.
“At the very beginning, he was so smitten and in love with her,” a source said. “She was on TV and he was so young. Their relationship was legit.”

The source said they had been in a relationship “in name only” for some time. The pair put on a show for years, the source said, before finally deciding enough was enough. Even this past weekend, the two were together at their 10-year-old son ­Kiyan’s basketball game.

“It’s very much a Hollywood relationship,” a source said. “They’ve lived separate lives for years.”

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