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Katt sentence handed down to him in court for assault

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

Katt sentence to three years probation and anger management, came as no surprise, since he was having more relations with the law for some time.

The comedian, known as Katt Williams, sentence was stemming from an assault in a restaurant, back in July, when he punched a woman for allegedly disrespecting him. Cops noticed visible injuries on the woman, so they cuffed him and hauled him in According to a report. Williams plead no contest to the assault and battery charges and paid a $390 fine to avoid a three-day stint in jail.

Katt sentence was independent of a previous  5 years probation in a separate Georgia case involving guns and drugs … in which he also plead no contest earlier this month.

Almost every headline about Katt Williams in 2016 was negative and cited legal trouble. At the beginning of this month we had received news that the comedian was banned from two counties in Georgia and sentenced to five years of probation for an assault case involving his body guard. In September he was arrested for criminal property damage in relation to an incident that transpired in February. Not to mention his involvement in the infamous fight with a teenage boy or the onstage brawl at a Beany Sigel concert. William’s hands have been full dealing with another restaurant incident where he threw a salt shaker at the manager.

Katt Williams have also put out numerous videos attacking artist, producers and actors, one in particular Jermaine Dupri, where he called him a pedophile and a homosexual.

While this is a bit of closure for the comedian, he still currently faces charges for robbery, for an incident involving himself, Suge Knight and a celebrity photographer.

We are all praying that William’s takes care of all his legal trouble and gets back to being the funny comic we all know and love.

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