NLA To Discontinue iMapjamaica App October 1

Jamaica News: The National Land Agency (NLA) is advising the public that its iMapjamaica application will no longer be available to users come October 1.

iMapjamaica, which is a spatial application used to locate parcels of land across the island, will have its functions integrated into the new eLandjamaica platform.

“It really is an integration of iMapjamaica and eLandjamaica into one portal,” Acting Director of Information and Communications Technology at the NLA, Ian-Keith Goldson, told JIS News.

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“The inconvenience of going to iMapjamaica to do the spatial search and then going to eLandjamaica to do procurement, we are just removing that inconvenience and everything will be done from that one web service,” he said.

The eLandjamaica platform facilitates the purchase of land titles and valuation roll reports, among other things. It also allows for free access to information such as registered instruments, strata plans, enclosure plans and parcel searches, and for the printing of select items.

The platform now has a free integrated map with current satellite imagery of the island and has improved on the features of iMapjamaica.

Mr. Goldson told JIS News that the map has several capabilities, including an expanded buffer.

“If you want to identify multiple properties within, let’s say, one mile, you can. So for example, if you specify Ardenne Road and you put a buffer of one mile, it will list all the parcels within that one mile radius of Ardenne Road,” he explained.

For her part, NLA Acting Senior Director of Business Services, Nicole Hayles, said the agency has been receiving positive feedback from customers, who note the convenience of the new platform.

“Once you go on eLandjamaica and you put in the address, it brings up every information that is associated with that parcel; that is convenience right there. You don’t have to wait long periods. You can just purchase land information right at your fingertips,” she said.

Ms. Hayles noted further that “once you have internet connection, whether it’s on your mobile device or your personal computer, you can access eLandjamaica by visiting our website at and there is a tab at the top of the page where you can access the portal.”

Persons can directly access eLandjamaica by entering the URL or by doing an internet search.


Source: JIS News

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