New Photo Surfaces Of Mavado’s Son Dantay Brooks In Prison

Pictures have surfaced of the son of Dancehall artiste Mavado, whose name is Dantay Brooks, from behind bars. In the photo, appearing on Jamaican gossip site, Pinkwall, Brooks appears to be healthy and in good spirits as he awaits the start of his murder trial.

Brooks has been in detention since July 2018 after he and three other men were charged with the murder of Lorenzo Thomas in Cassava Piece, St Andrew. The victim was also known by the names ‘Israel’ or ‘Trulups’.

It’s been reported that the young man was transferred from juvenile detention to an adult facility.
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Via Pinkwall

According to police reports the incident took place on the morning of June 05, 2018. They stated that a group of men armed with guns and machetes busted down the door of the victim and sprayed him with bullets.

The alleged crime’s details were shocking as it was later revealed that a request was made for the head of the victim and one of the co-accused, Andre Hines, who was 23-years-old at the time of the incident tried to chop off the victim’s head. Both Brooks and Hines face additional charges for arson, shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

The crime allegedly took place three days before an attempt was made on Mavado’s life.  Mavado fled to the US drawing criticism from many that he was being a coward and deserting his son. Brooks is just 19-years-old and was just 17 at the time when he was charged.

In recent times Vybz Kartel used an old photo of Mavado’s son and Ninjaman’s plight in jail to illustrate why artistes to stop degrading those who are incarcerated.

The photo caused an escalation of the feud between the two artistes with Mavado retaliating strongly against the use of his son’s photo.  Kartel would later deny trying intimidate or “style” Dantay.

Kartel appeared to respond to the circulation of the photo yesterday by giving thanks and offering blessings to his two eldest sons. He said in the caption, “One ting me can bet my life pon me never wish bad pon a next man child! Mi see picture a go round but If you never get lock up SHUT DI F— UP!”.   

There’s also been debate surrounding another incarcerated deejay, the veteran Ninjaman, after some thought that he was being mistreated in jail, however, Bounty Killer soon dispelled those rumors.

Prison in Jamaica is infamous and anyone with a relative who is incarcerated there would be concerned, at least from the look of the photos that have been circulating, Brooks seems to be faring well under the circumstances.


Source: Dancehallmag

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