Kranium And Moyann Spice It Up For ‘I Got You’: Listen

As the quarantine in Jamaica extends to deal with the COVID-19 virus, it seems more and more artistes are in the mood for love. This is at least what Kranium and Moyann are in the mood for with their latest track I Got You, which was produced by DJ Frass Records.

The lyric video for the song was released on YouTube on May 14th and it reveals a smooth, romantic beat as the singers make their intentions known. Kranium truly sings in this one and his voice floats along with the beat as he tries to enchant his woman saying: “When the rain start falling and the blinds start closing, you know what happens behind closed doors.”

Kranium opens up the song and gives the first verse before Moyann jumps on the rhythm with her sexy vocals giving the song an even more seductive appeal. They harmonize and sing: “I’m not leaving no time soon.”  They continue to describe various scenarios about how, when and where they will get together.

The video features floating photos of both artistes as the lyrics are displayed for fans to sing along. It’s difficult not to notice the sultry outfits that Moyann has chosen for this video.

The song is well-produced and their vocals suit each other, making it a soulful blend and easy on the ears. As far as love ballads go in Dancehall it’s a very welcomed rendition to add to the genre.

Moyann, whose real name is Moyann Montique made her debut in 2018 and definitely shows off her singing ability in this one. One of her biggest hits ABC 1-2-3 got her international recognition as that song was streamed via Spotify in the UK, US and Africa. Her easy vocals combined with Kranium’s, whose real name is Kemar Donaldson, experience and smooth flow will ensure that this one gets repeat plays.

Fans have already taken to it, like this fan who liked the song but seemed to love Moyann a little more: “All mi have to say is that I don’t really know anything about maths but I know the basics… I would SUBTRACT moyann man out her life and ADD her in mine…. Gyal look dyam good….”.

Take in the official lyric video for I Got You below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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