My Husband and the Nanny Caught on Camera Having Sex

Dear McKoy,

Couple weeks ago, we had a minor break-in and thieves stole a little jewelry and some cash. Luckily, we have security cameras installed so when we called the police, they requested that we source the camera footage to help catch the culprits. Would you believe that when we were watching the playback, we saw my husband and our nanny having sex earlier that day! I don’t know how stupid or forgetful you can be when you’re cheating but I stood there dumbfounded and the police officers were evidently embarrassed for me. I wanted to hit my husband’s head off at the moment. When we were alone we had a huge argument and he said our sex life was not as spicy as it used to be and all sorts of nonsense to justify his behaviour. Of course, I fired the nanny and currently, my husband and I are sleeping in separate beds. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go from here. What do you think?


Dear S.S.,

Take as much time as you need to think this through. I can only imagine how hard it must be but remember you have a child or children in the equation so they must be your top priority. Eventually, you will need to have an open talk with him about how to proceed but make sure it is not when you’re angry or sad. Be calm first. Best wishes.


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